Occult Stereo embraces aural freedom in many forms, from ambient loop-driven soundscapes to fuzz-guitar freakouts and drone-like psychedelic oceans. OS is a solo project from Alex Eliopoulos (of San Francisco experimental rock collective Impuritan) - a Greek-American guitarist & multi-instrumentalist who combines experimental, psych, and art rock influences in spontaneous ways.

Live, OS occupies a unique space between freeform, raga-like improvisation and more conventional song structure. Dual guitar & bass amplifiers provide a full-spectrum sonic wash to listeners, creating an otherworldly vibe when combined with live looping and manipulation of beats, electronics, and voice.

In 2020, Occult Stereo released Plasma on 12” vinyl - featuring impromptu contributions from musicians & friends in the US and globally. The LP received positive reviews, and was followed by a whirlwind relocation from the USA to Europe. In 2021, OS released a digital EP - Free Roam Syndrome / Zero Sum, with a few select EU live dates in 2022.

Multiple releases are on the way in 2024, with live shows to follow.

In the past, Alex has shared stages with an eclectic array of artists like Azalia Snail, The Veldt, Ava Mendoza, 3 Leafs, Naxatras, Avi Buffalo, Coastlands, Death Hawks and Clipd Beaks. His music has received US west coast radio airplay on KALX, KZSU, and KFJC, and KOCF, and inclusion in San Francisco Public Library's "Bay Beats" archival collection.